HDS Enterprise Cloud Deployment

On 11th October 2016, the subsidiary company of Hitachi Ltd, HDS Hitachi Data Systems released an announcement that they were releasing three innovative ways in which digital transformation initiatives can be accelerated and improved. Currently, the offerings available on the market are lacking in choice and flexibility for the customer, and this forces companies’ information technology teams to independently face the dead ends and obstacles which are constantly thrown in their way.

Hitachi Data Systems’ Solutions

The three solutions introduced by HDS to address the problems posed by today’s existing market options comprise the following:

·         The HEC (Hitachi Enterprise Cloud). This is aimed at organisations that opt for hybrid and private cloud to automate their application delivery and data centre operations

·         The Hitachi Management Automation Strategy. This assists organisations in the simplification of their infrastructure management

·         Enhancements to the UCP (Hitachi Unified Compute Platform) 2000 and UCP HC for organisations that are keen to modernise and transform their existing IT infrastructure with an economical and open hyper-converged and converged system

The HEC Platform

The HEC platform is ready to use and application specific, combining pre-built, pre-engineering catalogues with a converged dedicated platform, software and services delivered by HDS and/or a partner to help users to reduce their operational costs while speeding up hybrid and private cloud deployments. The first instantiation of the HEC family is now available and the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud with Vmware vRealize Suite uses the Vmware vRealize Air Cloud Management Platform, being available both off or on premises in either a traditional acquisition model or a managed cloud solution that is usage and outcome based. Built with top class storage and server infrastructure, the platform offers a powerful on-ramp for HDS’ customers to adopt Vmware vRealize Suite as their chosen cloud management platform for better business agility and lower operating costs.

Hitachi Management Automation Strategy

This new strategy from HDS aims to deliver management software with a modern infrastructure meeting the simplification imperative that is driven by the adoption of the cloud. It is also designed to support the motivation to consume ItaaS (IT as a service) whether for next generation or traditional applications. The new strategy involves a developing portfolio of software with an automation focus which includes UCP Advisor that delivers smart and simplified converged management for multiple and individual UCP 2000 systems. HDS’ new Management Automation Strategy is central to meeting the challenges of the primary business imperatives that are at play in today’s movement towards digital transformation: customer-centricity, agility and intelligence.

Enhancements to the Unified Compute Platform

As well as their other new offerings, HDS has also brought about several significant enhancements to the performance, ecosystem support and scale of their UCP allowing new options to be created for their customers. Both the UCP HC and UCP 2000 systems are able to support fast Intel Broadwell processors while also having optional support for WAN Optimizer, Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Data Ingestor to allow for customisable and unique solutions. Another enhancement to the UCP 2000 sees 8X server scalability to 128 nodes as well as several enhancements to security and networking. Not only that, but HDS have also extended their system to support OpenStack environments. UPC HC now expands with a 2 U/1 node high capacity hybrid and all-flash system that has up to 26 Terabytes of usable capacity which allows the hyper-converged portfolio to improve its ability to deliver a higher scale and performance for transaction-oriented applications and analytics as well as other real-world functions. To increase the flexibility and choice they offer to their customers, HDS have also introduced a number of as-a-service managed cloud offerings. These include Computer as a Service and Storage as a Service solutions as well as new options for remote operations services and an as-a-service analytics solution for IT service operations and management. Together with HDS’s Archive as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup as a Service, the company’s approach to data protection is now extremely comprehensive and demonstrates Hitachi Data Systems’ commitment to offering practical and effective alternatives to accelerate the transformation of businesses and to break down all of the obstacles facing IT teams today.